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Happit, the life-changer

Happit is your one-stop solution to your unhealthy habits and unorganized life; define what you want to achieve and make changes accordingly. The only thing that you have to do is to set your goals and Happit will remind you to get them done at the right time.

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Define your goals and work on them with commitment and dedication with the best habit tracker. You can add up to 5 habits at the same time with the Happit app and you will be reminded of each of them separately.

  • You can always restart, delete and add new habits or change the settings of the existing ones in your calendar
  • You can also add custom rewards for your progress.

Track your progress by marking the days in the custom 21-day calendar and get motivated with the daily motivational quotes.

  • Use the app's reminders to free up your mind and be reminded of your goals automatically
  • Raise your awareness of your daily behaviors and increase your focus levels with the best habit tracker app

Improve your lifestyle with healthy habits and a clear focus on your future self.

  • Let Happit help you build the discipline that you are lacking
  • With our habit tracker it's easy to stay focused and build good habits simply and effectively

Download Happit today and see why everyone loves it

You don't need the most expensive app to build healthy habits, you just need Happit. Try out our free habit tracker app today and you'll see why!


The 21-day challenge has never been easier

Happit is designed to tackle your keystone habits in a simple and effective way.
Improving your life has never been more fun!


1. Set your habit

Define the habit or habits you want to make or break


2. Record your progress

Record and track your progress with streaks of 21 days


3. Reach your goals!

You made it! You have now made your life a little better. Now don't stop!

A total life-saver

"You really just need one good keystone habit to start turning your life around for good. Happit helps me stay focused. Totally recommended!
Zak Simms - Founder and Investor
“I love 'punching' the calendar every day after completing my habits. I'm way past 21 days and I couldn't have done it without Happit. Love it!
Luna Mack - Yoga student
“I first started by using the free version of Happit and it helped me out so much that I decided to track more healthy habits with the premium version. The small investment is definitely worth it!”
Nate Cooper - Developer
“Happit has helped me to have a more balanced life and now I also take care of myself and not just of my family. I'm so grateful I got Happit recommended to me.”
Isabel Diaz - Full-time Mom
21 Day Challenge Tracker - Drink 1L Of Water

Everyone loves the improvements Happit helps them achieve in their daily life, so go ahead and download it from your favorite store today.

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